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Bought this to replace a portable 300 watt inverter when camping. We use a inverter when boondocking to power a led TV and recharge our phones. Didnt know what to expect, but this 2000 watt inverter is perfect for travel trailers. Pros: 1. Runs silent, when idle or small loads, like a 30 watt led tv. 2. Does not generate heat. Seems to run cool. 3. Display shows wattage usage in realtime.

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This is a great little charger. It automatically checks the battery and does everything it says it does, plus it's lightweight. I was concerned about its starting capability but it was far more powerful than my old one. The jaws open pretty wide too. Also the cables are heavy on it as well.

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I like the fact that it shuts off after the charge is done and can charge a battery that is as low as 1 volt left in the battery. People have been complaining about the clamps, I had no issue with them.

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    I'm very happy with the inverter as it does a great job. Also I should state that the product came in on time as well. There's nothing like receiving the product when you expect it.

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    The last power inverter I had purchase was years ago and worked well. Now that we're doing camping trips and other overnight outings having a power inverter has come in handy. I wanted to get a new unit for the reliability and convenience reasons. I found the Ampeak super affordable per watt along with some nice features that my previous 1000 watt inverter did not have.

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    I've used every function available with this unit and all work without a hitch. Used the maintenance function to save 2 red top batteries and the start feature on my wife's car. My old Jeep sits around quite a bit and I use this charger for it regularly.

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